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A Grade Sandstone Retaining Wall Blocks

Wheel Sawn and Premium A Grade Blocks for Authentic Landscape Presentation

A Grade Sandstone Blocks A Grade Blocks are the most uniform in shape and size as they are the only grade of blocks with a guaranteed sawn face.

A Grade Blocks are available with 5 or 6 sawn sides.

Where A grade blocks have 5 wheel sawn sides, one side is bolstered off the quarry floor and has a rough back, point this side to the back of the wall.


There is a 25mm tolerance either side of the face height.

The Length of these blocks can measure between 900 - 1100mm.

If you are using these blocks for seating, we would recommend purchasing 6 sawn sides.

These blocks are wheel sawn at the quarry using 3 meter blades attached to excavators and then graded and stacked using grabs.

Due to the method of producing these blocks it is common to have grab marks and chips on the block faces.

Unloading of A Grade Blocks

The majority of the time we tip off to unload blocks; both truck and trailer move forward slowly while blocks slide off. However, we are not responsible for any possible breakages.

You may machine unload truck on arrival using an Excavator with Rock-Grab attachment. There is a $110 charge for 1 hour waiting time per delivery.

We fully recommend you machine unload A Grade Blocks.


(Wheel Sawn Five Sides)

You can the request from these approximate sizes:-

• 400x400x1000 (approximate 370kg each: maximum loads)

Body Truck: 28 blocks

Truck and Dog: 62 blocks

Truck and Quad: 74 blocks


• 500x500x1000 (approximate 580kg each: maximum loads)

Body Truck: 18 blocks

Truck and Dog: 40 blocks

Truck and Quad: 50 blocks


• 600x600x1000 (approximate 840kg each: maximum loads)

Body Truck: 12 blocks

Truck and Dog: 28 blocks

Truck and Quad: 34 blocks


* Maximum Number of Blocks in a Truck and Dog (trailer) Load

Helidon Sandstone's stunning blocks and boulders will add significant value to your next project!

Disclaimer - As with all natural materials variability in colour, texture and composition can be expected


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