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Specifications and Block Tolerance Guide

Grade Descriptions of Helidon Quarry Sandstone

Sandstone Block Tolerance

Sandstone Block ToleranceSandstone is selected and finished to a criteria by saw trimming, cutting and/or drilling.

The overall size, tolerances in measurement and type of surface are described below in the various 'grades' supplied by Helidon Sandstone direct from the Queensland quarry.

B Grade Sandstone Blocks


• 2 - 4 sawn sides

• 100mm tolerance on face height

• Length 500mm - 1500mm

B Grade Regular Blocks Description

B Grade is a by-product we accumulate as we cut B Grade Premium and A Grade. They are often not rectangular in shape and the ends can be tapered and un-sawn.

A standard load of 500 B Grade can consist of blocks that range anywhere between 400-600mm in face height, though we try to get as close to 500mm as possible. Some blocks may be wedge shaped. This is next grade up from blocky random.

B Grade Premium [Select] Sandstone Blocks


• 4 - 5 sawn sides

• 50mm tolerance on face height

• Length 800mm - 1200mm

B Grade Premium Blocks Description

One 500 B Grade Premium block may have a face height of 450mm and the next block may have a face height of 550mm.

B Grade Premium Blocks can:-

• Be slightly out of square

• Have chipped off corners and/or pieces off the sawn face

• Have "dog ears"

A Grade Sandstone Blocks


• 5 - 6 Sawn sides

• 25mm tolerance on face height

• Length 900mm - 1100mm

A Grade Blocks Description

A Grade Blocks are the most uniform in shape and size with a tidy face

Random Sandstone Boulders


• 600-800mm (approx)

• 300-600mm (approx)

• up to 300mm (approx - man hand able 1 and 2 man lift)

Random Sandstone Boulders Description

10 tonne of Random Boulders is approximately 9 lineal meter wall at one metre high.


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